Humble Service – where does it start?

Mr Mike is a tailor of Indian descent. His shop, C&D Collection, is nestled in a Main Street in Chiangmai, Thailand, where he makes suits and dresses for men & women with his amazing array of fine fabrics. The guy is amazingly good – he had me measured up in under a minute – which could be a product of skill or the length of time he’s worked his trade, or both. This photo below was taken at my fitting literally 4hrs after being measured. The suit was available next day!

But great suits aside, there is something about Mr Mike that this Modern Monk found fascinating; something that made my visit to Mr Mike just extraordinarily different to any shopping experience I ever have at home…

It’s called “Humble Service”.

The minute we walked into Mr Mike’s shop, we were waited on hand & foot. Mr Mike’s staff went nuts. The air-con was switched on, the comfy couch was cleared, one staff member went out and bought cokes for us. Amazing!

Funny enough, it’s possible that this comes from his Indian heritage. I remember jewellery stores in Hyderabad that would go out of their way like this. Sure, this could be viewed as simply a tactic to get you to buy. But even if that’s all it is, it’s still a long way from the “harrumph and I shall ignore you; please don’t disturb me with your question about having your size while I fold this shirt and talk to my co-worker” attitude I get in Australia – not always but quite often.

Mr Mike is a humble person whose heart is to serve his client with his skill and make for you a piece of art you can wear that will look and feel perfect for you.

The hallmark of Christian activity is humble service. Jesus didn’t just talk about it, he modelled it right down to foot washing and dying for others. And he didn’t grumble and complain about it either. He just did it and tells us that if we love him we’ll do it too.

I hope I can be like Mr Mike as I serve Christ and the people with whom I share the planet. Humble service. And it begins right here at home…

Cheers & Peace,

Mark G
~ aka The Modern Monk

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